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Make us your first source for questions about preventive oral care. 

Our team has been immersed in preventive oral care for decades. Before founding Elevate Oral Care, our management team owned OMNII Oral Pharmaceuticals. We sold that company to 3M ESPE in 2006 but we never lost our passion for preventive oral care.

Our introduction of Advantage Arrest™, the first FDA cleared silver diamine fluoride in the United States, and Just Right 5000, the first and only metered dose 1.1% NaF prescription toothpaste, are just two of the latest innovations we have helped bring to dental professionals and consumers. If you have any questions about Advantage Arrest, Just Right 5000 or any of our other products, please contact us.

Many offices used Advantage Arrest underneath restorations and had a desire to mask the discoloration it can cause.  This prompted us to release SMART Advantage Glass Ionomer Restorative.  This self-curing, fluoride releasing, fast set glass ionomer is extremely opaque as opposed to many other translucent glass ionomers.  Think of this material as a liner, or opaquer designed to block the stain, and have a different material placed over top for superior aesthetic restorations.

We also recently launched Allday™ Dry Mouth Spray, an FDA Cleared artificial saliva product. Its patent-pending formula contains a unique combination of mucoadhesives and a 44% concentration of xylitol. It is receiving rave reviews from oral health professionals and their patients.

We continue to research preventive product advancements and ways to improve patient experiences with our products.  Come back frequently to see what we're releasing.  If you have questions about these or any of our other preventive care products, protocols for improving practice productivity, patient communications or risk assessment please contact us at 877-866-9113.