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Elevate Oral Care's Ongoing COVID-19 Response 

As the dental industry and world adjust to the new normal, Elevate Oral Care continues its devotion to protecting our personnel, customers, and community. Although we are excited to get back to doing what we love, helping clinicians improve the overall health of patients through prevention of oral diseases, we have an obligation to maintain the health and safety of our staff and the dental clinics we serve. We will continue to go above and beyond industry standards for our dental community. We are regularly assessing and updating our policies in accordawebinarcontainernce with the latest CDC guidelines to ensure that Elevate Oral Care continues to remain safe while we overcome this adversity together.


To ensure the safety of our personnel at our facilities, we began and continued: 

• Temperature scans 
-Temperatures must be below 100.0°F 
• Physical distancing 
-6-feet apart
• Personal protective equipment 
-Including masks
• Thorough cleaning and sanitizing of facilities
-Bolstered cleaning and sanitizing efforts and schedules throughout the entire facility

Preventive Care Consultants 

Staff Meetings can be held in person or through an online platform at the clinic's discretion. 

Prior to Staff Meeting
  • Preventive Care Consultants will take their temperature daily and stay home if they have a temperature greater than 100.0 °F and/or a persistent cough. 
  • If a fever or cough is present, your Preventive Care Consultant will contact you to reschedule or move the staff meeting to an online platform. 
  • A touchless digital attendance form will be emailed to the office prior to the staff meeting. Please complete and email the form back. 
  • We will continue to purchase meals when appropriate for those who attend our presentations. All meals must be ordered ahead and delivered to or picked up by the office. Preventive Care Consultants cannot pick up or handle meals. Your Preventive Care Consultant will provide further details regarding ordering. 
Upon Arrival 
  • Your Preventive Care Consultant will be wearing a surgical mask for the entirety of their time in your office. 
  • Preventive Care Consultants will refrain from handshaking and will maintain safe distancing in your clinic. 
  • Preventive Care Consultants will wash/sanitize their hands prior to entering and after leaving your clinic. 
  • Your Preventive Care Consultant will take appropriate precautions to safely demonstrate products. 
  • If and when necessary, sample requests will be shipped directly from Elevate Oral Care facilities. 
  • Catalogs and literature are available electronically or may be provided in pre-assembled bags ahead of time. 
  • If, for any reason, your Preventive Care Consultant believes they have been exposed to COVID-19 or become symptomatic, they must cease field business activity and get tested. Asymptomatic but possibly exposed Preventive Care Consultants will wait six days from the possible exposure before testing. 
  • Preventive Care Consultants testing negative will return to field business when asymptomatic. 
  • Preventive Care Consultants testing positive will quarantine for 10 days following first symptoms and not return to field business until asymptomatic, including resolution of fever for at least 24 hours, without the use of fever-reducing medications. 

Supporting the Dental Community 

Let's not bounce back... Let's launch forward.

Elevate Oral Care has a long-standing tradition of supporting the dental community through multiple efforts; during this pandemic has been no exception. Elevate Oral Care continues to support many organizations focused on improving oral health throughout the globe. These include:

The Dental Trade Alliance Foundation

Numerous Global Outreach Dentistry Programs

Foundation of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

TeamSmile, a partnership between dental and sports professionals to promote oral health for children

CAMBRA Coalition

Additionally, we invested in Free Continuing Education programs focusing on outreach programs, access to care efforts, Patient-Centered Communication skills, and oral health advocacy we call Elevating Care™. All of our Free Continuing Education Webinars can be found here:

Click Here for Free Continuing Education